Monday, December 18, 2017

End of the semester

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In the last week we were working on our midterm review.
Within this review packet that we received, there were questions from everything that we covered these 18 weeks in Spanish.
We learned how to conjugate verbs so that they will be more specific as who they are directed towards. This would be like how you put the ending "amos" to the end of nosotros (hablamos), or "ais" to the end of vosotros (hablais).
Caylan Barron

Monday, October 23, 2017

This week's learning (oct 16-19)

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Hola, me llamo Audrey. Soy ordenada. Me gusta pasar tiempo con amigos y leer.

Last week my class did review on our chapter for our test. We did a review packet filling in blanks about what we like, what words they mean, infinitives, and more. We went over it and did extra review. Our test took up 2 days of our week. Therefore we did review for 3 days.

Hasta luego - Audrey!!

Jazmin Contreras (oct 2-6)

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    Hola me llamo Jazmin! Yo tengo trece años. Me gusta la color azul. Mi favorito numero es trece.
    This week we learned  about the different type of music. We made posters for each  type. My poster was about mariachi. They are from Mexico.We also learned about cognates. The 3 endings are ar ir er thats what we learned. :-)
adios mis amigos

Monday, September 25, 2017

September 18th-19th

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This past week was a busy one for us. It was our first full week in a while so we were able to get in a lot of work. We've been working on Chapter 1A from the libro (book) and we had a quiz on Friday.

This week we learned how to agree with someone by saying "a mi" (me) followed by either tambien to say "too" or tampoco to say "neither." To disagree with someone you would simply respond by saying you like (me gusta) or you dislike (no me gusta) something.

We also talked about making sentences negative by adding no in front me gusta. If there multiple things you dislike, you would add ni before each thing you don't like.

Our quiz on Friday was over vocabulary words. Many students did not finish, so we will be completing the quiz on Monday.

Next week we have our first post from a student! Stay tuned!

Hasta Luego,

Señorita Tapia

Monday, September 18, 2017

August is Over!

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Buenos Dias!

It's been a hectic first month in our sala de clases. We covered the first chapter, Para Empezar, of our book in August. We learned about greetings, numbers, the calendar, the weather, colors, and body parts. Para Empezar is our vocab-heaviest chapter in the book. We had our first test on September 7th.
The class got to watch The Book of Life because they won their classroom incentive in the first month! They tried Mexican candy, some of which they liked and some had to be spit out! Some students also brought in food to share such as tamales, tacos, chips and salsa, cookies, popcorn, and even cheese puffs. I brought 4 different types of Takis for the class to try. Takies Fuego seemed to be the favorite.
This past week, we started chapter 1A, which focuses on activities one does in their free time. Our class is also learning about verbs and how to talk about things we like / dislike. We have a vocabulary quiz this Friday, so we will be working on the vocab words all week.

Stay tuned for another update- students will be receiving their posting schedule this week.

Gracias y Adios!

Senorita Tapia

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spanish 1 Introduction (8th Grade)

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Spanish I course. This course is a Carnegie Unit, meaning it will count for high school credit. Students are required to take 2 levels within the same language for high school to get a college prep degree, so students in this class can get a head start.

We will be covering 9 chapters this year with a test at the end of each chapter. We will have a midterm and a final as well. Students will be taking the same tests that Winder Barrow High School gives their Spanish 1 class. We will also have some of the same assignments. Students will also have an oral grade, which includes many projects where students must speak a rehearsed paragraph in front of me / the class.

Students are encouraged to stay for tutoring on Mondays and Tuesdays if they need extra help. I can also send extra practice home if needed. Studying flashcards at home is essential to have a good grade in the class. I have also included links under the "resource" tab that will help with studying.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions.


Elisa Tapia

Monday, August 14, 2017

Welcome // Bienvenidos!

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Hola and welcome to Señorita Tapia's 2017-2018 Spanish Classes.
School officially started on the 2nd of August and we have been busy since then! Syllabi went home with the last Wednesday folder, but a copy is available under the "syllabus" tab up top. Included in the syllabus are required materials and requested materials- which we are in need of year long.

You can use this blog to keep up with our weekly activities. Students will be taking turns creating posts to tell you what we did that week and a little about what we learned. Keep an eye out for future posts from students. 

Thank you for visiting our site class! I'm excited for the school year ahead of us.


Srta. Tapia